Lamont Campus Work Environment Survey

The 2015-16 Lamont Campus Life and Work Environment Survey was aimed at getting a sense of the Lamont community’s overall satisfaction with their work environment, especially those aspects pertaining to campus climate and campus life. In addition to topics like work environment, working conditions, facilities and conveniences, as a follow up to the 2005 NSF-ADVANCE survey the 2015-16 survey also included questions on diversity and inclusion. The survey did not include questions pertaining to benefits such as health insurance, tuition and retirement since these are Columbia-wide and not controlled by Lamont. The survey was administered jointly by the Campus Life Committee and the Office of Academic Affairs & Diversity, and was distributed to the Lamont community after receiving permission from the Directors of the various units on campus (LDEO, IRI, CIESIN, DEES, AFSC). Unlike the 2005 ADVANCE survey which included only scientists and faculty, this 2015-16 survey included the entire Lamont community across ranks, titles, and units.

Due to the large volume of information gathered by the survey, the results have been disseminated in three different documents:

1. A survey summary that describes the aggregated data and provides a narrative

2. A PowerPoint presentation that visually represents the aggregated data

3. The survey questions and statistics for each question