Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs & Diversity oversees postdoctoral affairs for LDEO postdoctoral scientists and fellows. Postdocs are strongly encouraged to sign up for the newsletter of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA), the office charged with overseeing Columbia-wide postdoctoral affairs (email [email protected]), and visit the OPA website to learn about programs and resources. Postdocs are also encouraged to join the Columbia University Postdoctoral Society (CUPS). To sign up for the LDEO Postdoctoral Mailing List email [email protected]

Specific to LDEO, here are some resources and information for our postdocs:

>> LDEO Postdoctoral Symposium: Our biannual LDEO Postdoctoral Symposium showcases the exciting research conducted by our dynamic and diverse group of postdoctoral scientists and fellows.  This all-day event is widely-attended by members of the Lamont campus, and offers our postdoctoral scientists a chance to present their work to the Lamont community. As of 2019 participation in this event is open to postdocs from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), International Research Institute for Climate & Society (IRI), and the Earth Institute (EI). Check out the symposium brochures to see the fundamental research conducted by our postdocs: 2019 Symposium, 2017 Symposium2015 Symposium2013 Symposium2012 Symposium

>> LDEO Postdoctoral Events: To view a list of upcoming and past postdoctoral events at Lamont, visit Postdoctoral Events

>> LDEO Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan: Since the creation of the Office of Academic Affairs & Diversity, special efforts have been made to reach out to postdoctoral scientists and fellows in an attempt to solicit their feedback and input on matters pertaining to their postdoctoral experiences. Individual meetings/ interactions with a large number of postdocs revealed that the postdoctoral experience at LDEO was variable. Accordingly, the LDEO Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan has been developed to provide postdocs with career guidance during their time at Lamont.

>> Postdoctoral Parental Leave Policy: The LDEO Postdoctoral Parental Leave Policy was developed with the goal of providing paid parental leave to postdoctoral scientists and fellows. Note that this policy is unique to LDEO and does not apply to other units based on the Lamont or Columbia Campus. As per this policy disability leave for full-time postdoctoral scientists and fellows will be paid by institutional funds in the event that the postdoc's regular source of funding does not allow paid maternity leave. View the details of the Postdoctoral Parental Leave Policy

>> Leadership Grant Initiative: A limited number of small grants (up to $500) are available for postdocs and junior scientists to attend career advancement, leadership, and/or diversity workshops or conferences. The recipients of these funds will be expected to give a talk to the postdoctoral community on the workshop/conference attended with these funds. Note: these funds are not available to attend scientific workshops. Examples of eligible workshops or conferences are: "Preparing for a Career in the Geosciences" or "Diversity & Inclusion in the Geosciences" or "Earth Science Women's Network Leadership Workshop".

>> LDEO Postdoctoral Fellowships: To learn about Lamont's institutionally supported postdoctoral fellowships, visit the Postdoctoral Fellowship Page