Title IX and EOAA at Lamont and Columbia

Lamont-Doherty is committed to providing a working environment free from discrimination, harassment, and gender-based misconduct, and to fostering a nurturing and vibrant community founded upon the fundamental dignity and worth of all of its members. Consistent with this commitment and with applicable laws, Columbia has implemented policies and programs that seek to ensure that its employment and educational decisions are based on individual merit and not on bias or stereotypes. The University does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or gender-based misconduct in any form and it provides faculty, staff and students who believe that they have been the subject of discrimination, harassment or gender-based misconduct with mechanisms for seeking redress. 

Sexual Respect at Columbia:

Learn more about Columbia’s Commitment to Sexual Respect

To Report an Emergency:

Dial 911 or call Public Safety at any of the following numbers:

Lamont Campus: 845-359-2900 

Morningside: 212-854-5555

Medical Campus: 212-305-7979

Emergency info for Lamont Campus: You may also dial 555 from any campus phone to reach Campus Security. To contact 911, you can either dial 911 or 9-911 from a campus phone. If you choose to dial 911 you might experience a slight delay (approximately 5-7 seconds of complete silence) as your call gets transferred – do not hang up.

Columbia University’s Process for Reporting and Investigating Harassment and Misconduct:

Lamont is expected to follow CU polices, channels, and procedures for investigating and adjudicating matters pertaining to discrimination, harassment, and any other form of misconduct.  Scientists, faculty, staff, students, and administrators, who believe they have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, or any other form of misconduct, including gender-based misconduct, should avail of the channels and procedures listed below:

Reporting Obligations:

  • All faculty/ staff/ employees are under obligation to report any instance of harassment/ discrimination/ misconduct brought to their attention by any member of the Columbia community
  • Students are not mandatory reporters unless they are Teaching Assistants (TAs) or Orientation Leaders, but reporting is highly encouraged

Where to File a Complaint:  The following offices are available to the Lamont community

How to File a Report:

Title IX Training:

Title IX trainings are now online, managed by the EOAA Office. However, additional Title IX trainings for certain groups (such as summer internships) can be made available upon request. These are conducted by the Title IX Office. If you would like to request a Title IX training for your group, contact the Office of Academic Affairs and Diversity.

EOAA Annual Reports:

Annual reports from the EOAA Office, outlining harassment and misconduct complaints received, can be found here. These reports provide data on a wide range of complaints received, such as race/ethnicity, sexual misconduct, gender, disability, age, national origin, retaliation, religion, failure to report, and others.