Search Committee Procedures

Search procedures and committees play a crucial role in recruiting diverse talent to campus. With the creation of the Office of Academic Affairs & Diversity, the following changes were made to search processes at LDEO for Officers of Research:

  • The Assistant Director for Academic Affairs & Diversity serves as the diversity advocate for search committees, and provides search committees with guidelines on best practices for promoting a diverse search, and any other information relevant to that search.  
  • The search committee will be given a list of advertising venues and asked to select venues relevant to the search. These include diverse venues targeting women and minorities in STEM. HR will place the job advertisements in those venues.
  • The search committee will be given aggregated information on the demographics of the applicant pool for the search, as well as a comparison with the national availability pool for that field using NSF-NORC data.
  • Following the selection of the final candidate, the search committee will prepare a search committee report indicating who the shortlisted candidates were, and why the selected candidate was chosen over the others.
  • All divisions of LDEO and the HR division have been given copies of the dossier “Resources and Guidelines for Search Committees at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory” containing the key documents listed below: